Blacklisted Cognac & Armagnac

Blacklisted Rum

Excluded bottles or items

In general, we want to offer our buyers the highest possible security to auction only authentically correct bottles from us. Therefore, we generally reserve the right to reject bottles that seem suspicious to us under the premise.
At the present time, we only want to auction Cognac and Armagnac within the meaning of these protected terms / distillates.

In addition, the following bottles are excluded:

  • Brandy, Weinbrand, Aguardente, etc.
  • Pineau de Charentes
  • Floc de Gascogne
  • Decanter (glass or ceramic) with increased risk of leakage
  • Bottles with filling level than lower shoulder
  • Bottles with obvious signs of leakage
  • Not original sealed bottles
  • Armagnac with plums
  • No original miniatures (samples)

Special bottles:

If bottles or promotional items contain a clearly racist text or depiction. 

See also our statement on racist bottles.