New Ending Scenario


Exciting News

We are pleased to inform you that we have introduced a new auction scenario for our upcoming auction (RCA2024-04), which starts tonight.
Instead of the previous fixed end date for each category, we have now implemented an auction dynamic that works as follows:
If a bid is received within the last minute before the scheduled auction end time, the auction for that item will be extended for an additional 3 minutes from the time the bid was placed.
This extension will continue as long as bids continue to be received.
The auction for an item will only end when no further bids have been placed within these additional 3 minutes.
However, it should be noted that we have set a general deadline for the auction at 21:00. 
This will serve as the final closing time for all auctions still running.
We hope you are as excited about this new auction process as we are and look forward to welcoming you to the auction starting tonight!